About us

We are a company that deals with the design, development and installation of digital systems for audio / video management, in various contexts. The success of our story, which began over 20 years ago, comes with the advent of digital electronics, in the audio amplification field, of which we currently consider ourselves as specialists.

In fact, we developed a series of products that have marked the frontier of innovation in some areas notoriously considered difficult to manage, such as, for example, communication within houses of worship. The products on our site all originate from the beating heart of the company: the research and development department, which also gave rise to the filing of some industrial patents.

The key to our success lies in the combination of two factors:

  1. Years of experience in direct contact with the customer
  2. Ability to directly design and develop ad hoc products

Our "mission" is summarized and contained in the name of the company itself; in fact, we pursue the aim of “bringing the Word” (Verbum) through the digital medium by making communication as effective as possible.

Verbum Digital • Bagnone (MS) • Italy
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