• Digital Audio
  • HD Streaming Multicamera
  • Up to 8 Cameras
  • Automatic Direction

Audio Systems

For over 20 years we have been dealing with high quality audio systems - from design to installation - to allow the believers an active participation in the celebration.

Streaming Systems

We manufacture and install audio-video streaming systems with automatic direction, designed to allow broadcast over the net with the utmost simplicity and quality.

Liturgical Animator

The Liturgical Animator exists in stand-alone version or integrated into the digital mixers.

Apps, devices and systems at your fingertips. In a click.

The era of buttons and manuals is over: a slogan that perfectly fits our company philosophy: designing and manufacturing products that, although based on the most recent and sophisticated technology, are extremely easy of use and do not require any specific technical knowledge by the user.

Systems Installation & Training

Learn in a jiffy how to use our systems. From the simplest to the most complex.

First Class Support

Need help? Our customer support service is available to you via telephone or e-mail.

Constant software updates

Verbum Digital systems are constantly updated by us to prevent obsolescence.

Total involvement of the worshippers

Multi-camera audio and video streaming systems for a unique and engaging experience.

Connect and synchronize various sources: Camcorders, Cameras, Smartphones, Tablets...

Our systems allow you to connect and synchronize with each other a large number of WiFi devices such as Camcorders, Action Cams, Cameras, Smartphones, Tablets.
See a complete list of the numerous compatible devices by Clicking here.

  • Get the best Audio and Video quality.
  • Manage multiple Video capture sources such as Camcorders, Cameras, Smartphones, Tablets. See the list of compatible devices by clicking here .
  • Synchronize video devices with microphones and always get the perfect shot in a completely automatic way.
  • Add transitions and effects in real time.
  • Live stream on YouTube, Facebook or other social networks.

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